Our after-school program, Lead LA, gives students the tools they need to become innovative change-makers in their communities.  

Our curriculum helps students identify issues, build solutions, and strengthen their voices to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Why Leadership?

We are currently faced with a staggering lack of diversity of the elected officials and high-powered CEO's in the United States. Paired with a non-diverse STEM workforce, the lack of inclusiveness in these top fields is worrisome.  Research has demonstrated that leadership skills can be taught, and ideally should be taught at a young age.  

That's where Lead LA comes in.


Our Program


Lead LA teaches students how to critically think about the world around them and use their unique voices to enact change. Students apply to Lead LA prior to 3rd or 6th grade, and remain in the program for 3 years.  In that time, students work through our custom curriculum, including: engaging in mock campaign debates and speeches, creating self portraits that reflect on students' personal identities, enacting holiday community projects, and going on fun team building fields trips to the beach.

Our Classes


Students participate in fun team-building activities and community projects that help them develop as leaders.

Art Lab 

Students build creativity and explore different art mediums like spoken word, photography, and film.


New Media

Middle school students focus on self-expression and communication through different design and digital media programs.

Tech It Out

Elementary students learn robotics, coding, photoshop, and more.

Think Tank

Students participate in activities like mock trials and debates, developing their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


To apply for the 2018-2019 school year, contact us today!


Interested in volunteering with us?  We're looking for volunteers to work with our students in our after-school leadership classes.  Apply to volunteer here.