Our free after-school program welcomes underserved students Monday-Friday throughout the school year. 

With a comprehensive approach towards transforming education culture, we’re committed to giving kids with fewer opportunities a real chance at defining their own futures.

Innovation Projects

Kids are kids. Fun experiences lead to effective learning. Our projects are fun, creative and energizing. Kids code websites, create stop motion animation, build rube goldberg devices, and program robots. It’s cool, so they're excited about learning.


High-Quality Tutoring

Our rigorous application process selects for the best, well-qualified tutors from diverse backgrounds. And they don’t parachute in and out, either. 9 Dots tutors commit to a consistent schedule that offers impactful structure for the students and the entire program. Learn more


A Comprehensive Approach

We address the entire education ecosystem and work with the system to make it better. We engage students, parents, schools, and teachers alike to inspire, empower, and energize the entire community.  

Our Schedule


All done with homework? Log into Khan Academy for extra math lessons or pick up a news article to read with your tutor.


Our high-quality tutors help with tough homework assignments to maintain a strong academic foundation.


STEM Projects

Innovative, original projects make learning STEM skills that translate into real 21st century jobs exciting and fun.  

Break & Snack

We make time to play. Our students never forget to mention break and snack. Snacks are always healthy, too.