9 Dots was founded by a passionate group of engineers and educators who believe all kids deserve the chance to imagine a career in engineering.

We especially saw a need in communities that  lack the resources for hands-on science curriculum that we had access to growing up – so we set out to create a science, technology, engineering, and math program in Los Angeles (well before “STEM” was a thing).  

What started in a small classroom as an after-school project to teach STEM skills to underserved kids in a fun, engaging way quickly evolved to something far more ambitious.

We realized that for our students to have a real chance at success, we’d have to look at the whole picture. Engaging projects are a great start, but will amount to very little without a strong academic foundation; and a strong academic foundation can only go so far without self confidence and a fundamental belief that one can be in control of his or her own narrative.

And so, the 9 Dots Comprehensive Approach was engineered.

Much more than just an after-school program, 9 Dots takes an innovative, structured approach to transforming education culture in a way that takes the whole student into account – in a way that can have a sustainable impact. Impact that can truly close opportunity gaps for kids that often times fall through the cracks.

We realize impact extends well beyond the walls of 9 Dots, and we’re looking there, too. We offer parent workshops to give families additional support. We work with schools and educators to teach best practices for how to teach kids STEM skills and deepen students’ curiosity. We work with organizations to offer professional development and augment their STEM skills.

And we'd love to work with you, too.