devY Weekend Program

Our free weekend programs teach kids how to become developers.
Middle schoolers learn to use JavaScript to create games and apps, and program robots.

Fall 2016: devY Bots

Saturdays, Oct 1 - Nov 19, 2016

Robots come alive in our devY Bots fall session, where students learn to build and program robots to complete various obstacles and tasks.



Sumo Tournament

Learn to build and program robots for a sumo wrestling battle. 

Maze Tournament

Design and program robots to complete a fun obstacle course maze.

Winter 2017: devY Apps

Saturdays, Jan 21 - Mar 11, 2017

In our winter coding classes, students learn the basics of JavaScript and create their own web apps and games.


Secret Words

Creating simple apps is fun and easy when you learn basic JavaScript in this introductory devY class.

Escape the Room

Design and code your own Escape the Room game in this intermediate devY class.

Pokemon Battle

Pokemon Trainer

Develop an app to personalize what type of Pokemon trainer you'd like to be.

Program an app to battle Pokemon inside your digital world!


Spring 2017: devY Build

Saturdays, April 22 - June 3, 2017

In our spring courses, students learn to automate building by using the programming language Lua in Minecraft. 




Pyramids, houses, and skyscrapers can all be built without lifting a finger! Learn to program a turtle to build for you in this introductory Lua class. 


Creating a village is no sweat once you've learned to design buildings with Lua! This intermediate Minecraft class teaches you to design entire communities through programming.