Helping elementary schools build exceptional computer science programs.

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we bring computer science to your school


On-Site Support

With our on-site coding coordinators, every school can build a computer science program. Coding coordinators work side-by-side with teachers in the classroom to plan, setup, and deliver coding lessons. Through professional development and office hours we build teacher’s capacity to teach coding classes independently.


Coding Lessons

Our original K-6 curriculum teaches students to apply computational thinking to tackle problems and build solutions with code. Aligned with the new California state CS standards as well as Next Generation Science and Common Core standards, our curriculum empowers students to discover the joy of coding and develop the confidence to pursue futures in CS.


Learning Insights

Our online Teaching Platform makes teaching and learning to code easy. Teachers and students access lessons and activities in one place. Our data dashboards provide teachers and admins insights into student growth in coding proficiency and sense of belonging in coding class.


Why get Coding



“Both the coding classes for students and the professional development for teachers was superb.  [...]  The lessons were well facilitated and the students loved it. ” 

- Principal O’Brien
New Los Angeles Elementary School


Our Partner schools

Get Coding partners with low income elementary across Los Angeles.

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