Lead LA is an after-school program that teaches students how to apply their computer science knowledge to enact change in their communities.

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We are the future

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Lead LA teaches students how to critically think about the world around them and use their unique voices to enact change.  From engaging in mock campaign debates and speeches, creating self portraits that reflect on students' personal identities, and going on fun team building fields trips to the beach, Lead LA is a unique program designed to foster the development of strong and empathetic leaders.


A Community of Support


The Lead LA free after-school program takes place in our community center in Hollywood. Our staff ensures that each student receives a generous amount of personal guidance, instruction, and support.



Lead LA serves low-income 3rd - 8th grade students.



Lead LA runs after-school at our 9 Dots facility in Hollywood. 


“9 Dots is a one of a kind program, and the students are able to be both creative and collaborative in an environment where learning is cool. None of the kids take for granted being able to attend 9 Dots, and they truly enjoy being there.”

9 Dots’ After School Program Volunteer


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