A Commitment to Learning

At 9 Dots, we are committed to using research to improve teaching methods and build a better understanding of the learning process.  We collaborate with top universities, school districts, and research institutions to be on the forefront of computer science education research.


Current Initiatives

Our current National Science Foundation funded project in collaboration with the UCLA and UC Berkeley graduate schools of education investigates how students approach and bounce back from challenges in coding.


Our Impact

A critical goal of our research initiatives is to impact the teaching practices we use at 9 Dots and on the teaching community at large.  Our research findings play an integral role in how we teach and run our programs.  In addition, we produce research papers and white papers to bring our findings to teaching institutions across the world. 




Enskilment In The Digital Age

The interactional work of learning to debug.

We present a detailed account of the interactional work between a programming instructor and a middle school student that leads to the resolution of an elusive error in the student’s code. By tracing the fine details of how this resolution came to be, we demonstrate how learning to debug in face-to-face interactions resembles a process of enskilment.

Code Stories.jpg

Art as a point of departure for storytelling about the experience of learning to code

People make sense of their lives by telling stories that reveal shared understandings of the human experience). As storytellers, we hope that the stories we share are compelling and worth telling, yet when these stories are about overcoming obstacles or failure, storylines often resolve in familiar platitudes like learning to “never give up” or “trying again,” promoted recently in psychology as having “grit” .