We are a collaborative of engineers, educators, and volunteers committed to creating an education culture that gives more kids the chance to choose their own futures.


9 Dots runs free after-school, weekend, and summer programs at our Learning Center in Hollywood.


Our innovative approach includes partnerships with schools and organizations to help teach STEM curriculum.

Unequal opportunities and access leave students from underserved communities unprepared for careers in the fastest-growing and most lucrative occupations of the future.

STEM wages are higher than non-STEM wages

Only 12% of the STEM workforce is African American or Latino

2.4 million new STEM job opportunities by 2020

Our Philosophy


It takes more than just mentorship, homework help, or STEM projects to level the playing field. It takes a commitment to a consistent blend of all of these. We take the challenge to heart and address it head on, one school day at a time. Learn more.